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Online Mississippi Stud Practice Game (+EV)

Posted in +EV, collusion, mississippi stud by stephenhow on April 10, 2010

After spending a lot of time playing UTH, I found that there’s an acceptable way to share hole card information with the table. While the dealer, floorman, and surveillance might say something if you flash your hole cards (or play them face up), they don’t care if you verbally share info. Furthermore, if you’re discreet about it, or speak another language, and don’t slow down the game, no one will probably even know you’re doing it.

With this in mind, the value of ShuffleMaster’s Mississippi Stud just went up for everyone. While the game is already played face up at my nearby Barona Casino, now everyone can enjoy the +1.5% EV game at a full table of cooperating players. (See my Simplified 6 Player +EV Strategy, and my 4 Player Collusion Strategy.) In the meanwhile, you can practice the game here for free. It suggests the improved strategy as listed in my player reference card. Of course, you can play your hand any way you want to. Also, you can just hit the “Auto” play button to quickly play 1000 hands using the advanced strategy.

Click on the screenshot below to play:

The older Java game. You must have Java 1.6 installed on your computer (check your version).

Mississippi Stud Game Screenshot