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Texas Hold’Em Bonus Simple Strategy

Posted in texas hold'em bonus by stephenhow on April 15, 2012

I’ve wanted to make a simplified Texas Hold’Em Bonus strategy for a while, for the occasional trips to Vegas, and for the occasional person looking for it. The first strategy I posted was way too complex to remember, and was only useful as a reference guide. While the game ideally returns a -2.037% EV, and my old complex strategy returns -2.3%, the new simple strategy below returns a respectable -2.9%.

I made the strategy based on what I normally look for when playing Hold’Em carnival games (like Ultimate Texas Hold’Em). The most common cases are addressed, and I include some less frequent, though interesting situations that you’ll probably want to know about. The strategy is actually very simple, and very easy to remember.

Texas Hold’Em Bonus Simple Strategy (-2.9% EV)
Bet Requirements
Pre-Flop Fold 23o thru 27o, else
2x bet all others
Flop Bet two pairs or better, else
Bet your pair with any board undercards, else
Bet your pair with any draw, else
Bet bottom pair unless board suited, else
Bet any combo flush and straight draw, else
Bet 5th nut flush draw or better, else
Bet an open-ended straight draw with both hole cards 8 or higher, else
Bet 2nd nut kicker against a tripped board, else
Bet nut kicker against a paired board, else
Bet 1st and 4th nut kickers against a non-suited board, else
Check all others
Turn Bet your two pairs or better, except for a pocket underpair with no draws, else
Bet your pair (except bottom or underpair) if not a scare board, else
Bet nut kicker if the board is double-paired, else
If not scare board, bet nut kicker with open-ended straight draw, or 4th nut flush draw, else
Check all others

where “scare board” means open-ended or 4-to-a-flush on the turn, and “your” hand means your hand that beats the board.