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Casino Hold’Em

Posted in casino hold'em by stephenhow on March 19, 2011

After finishing the basic strategy for Texas Hold’Em Bonus, I figured it’d be a lot easier to play Casino Hold’Em, since there’s only one decision point (2x raise or fold) in the game. Also, I can play online for $1 Antes instead of waiting for the next Vegas trip to find a Bonus game. So I worked out the basic strategy for Casino Hold’Em as it didn’t exist yet. Fortunately, the set of betting rules isn’t too elaborate. It’s very easy to remember once you play the game a few times.

When you look at the strategy table, you’ll see that Casino Hold’Em plays very loose, betting hands like 6th nut kicker, overcards, gutshots, and runner-runner flush draws. This makes sense because the dealer needs a pair of 4’s or better to qualify, and the Ante pays odds for a flush or better. I really doubt anyone plays the game correctly, since you have to bet some crazy hands. (E.g., you 2x bet 5h4d against a 3d3hTd flop because it’s a runner-runner flush draw against a paired, but unqualified board.) Well, I guess I’d rather play more hands than fold them, since the overall house edge is still only about 2.5%. This is the only kind of game I play anymore: Hold’Em based table games with a house edge in the low 2% range. I guess I like seeing poker hands, and making post-flop decisions.

I’ll try the game out, and tell you how it goes. Most importantly, I want to be able to transfer money around easily (i.e., cash out wins via bank EFT). And I want to be able to quit while I’m ahead. This is the game I’ll probably play: