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Texas Shootout @ Santa Ysabel Casino, CA

Posted in texas shootout by stephenhow on August 6, 2011

Something seems wrong about dealing poker out of a 6-deck shoe. As much as I like anything arcane and anything gambling, while this is both, it may be too much even for me. Amazingly, my relatively close Santa Ysabel Casino has both Texas Shootout and Mini-Tex. I’m sure I’ll end up playing this game sooner than later, so I made a cheat sheet from the Wizard’s analysis to use at the table.

I just sorted the 2-card hand EVs in a “table” that’s easy to use. The table ranks the hands by EV, from top to bottom, left to right in descending order. You use the table to select the best 2-card hand from the four cards you’re dealt. If you can make a second +EV hand, you should “split” and bet it as well. I put some reference marks for the hand EVs, to give you an idea of the hand strengths.

--- +0.55 EV ---

AAs AAo KKs KKo QQs QQo JJs JJo TTs TTo 99s 99o 88s
AKs 88o 77s
AQs 66s 77o AKo
AJs 55s KQs
ATs AQo 66o

--- 0 EV ---

AJo 44s A9s 55o KTs KQo
ATo A8s QJs 33s A7s KJo QTs K9s 44o A6s A5s
A9o KTo A4s JTs 22s K8s QJo Q9s A3s
A8o K7s 33s A2s
A7o QTo K6s J9s K9o Q8s K5s
A6o A5o T9s K4s JTo 22o J8s
A4o Q7s K8o K3s Q9o Q6s
A3o T8s K2s K7o 98s Q5s J7s
A2o J9o K6o Q4s Q8o 97s T7s 87s

--- -.25 EV ---

K5o Q3s T9o J6s Q2s J5s
K4o J8o 86s 96s 76s T6s Q7o J4s
K3o Q6o T8o 98o J3s 75s 65s 95s 85s
K2o T5s Q5o J7o J2s T4s 54s 97o

Q4o T7o 64s 87o 74s 84s 94s T3s 93s
Q3o J6o T2s 53s 92s 96o 86o J5o 76o
Q2o 63s T6o 73s 83s

--- -.35 EV ---

J4o 43s 82s 52s 75o 65o 95o 85o
J3o 62s 72s T5o 42s
J2o T4o 54o 64o 74o 32s

--- -.40 EV ---

94o 84o T3o
93o T2o 53o
92o 63o 73o 83o 43o 82o 52o 62o 72o 42o 32o

--- -.50 EV ---

You don’t make any decisions after selecting your hole cards. You just make one Ante bet, and you win even-money if you beat the dealer’s hand. Otherwise, you lose (dealer wins ties). Hopefully, they deal the flop, turn, and river separately. It’s be pretty boring if they just dealt the 5-card board all at once.