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PlayCraps™ @ Viejas Casino, CA

Posted in Uncategorized by stephenhow on July 31, 2009

There’s a new craps game at Viejas Casino, that I’ve been playing lately. It’s definitely my new favorite game, since it’s dealt to players seated at a table, and it provides the best odds in the casino. In fact, it’s a winning game for a player using basic strategy (yes, I know, sounds impossible, but read my full analysis). Although the game is beatable, you can only make a killing the normal way, by gambling and getting lucky. However, it’s always good to know the odds are in your favor.



If you haven’t read my full analysis yet, you’ll first need to know the player edge is on the don’t pass / don’t come side, and the house’s edge on the pass odds are higher than usual. So don’t rush out here and start betting the pass line and taking odds like you normally do. Switch over to the Dark Side first, if you’re not already over there.

If you like taking a shot a craps, come on out to Viejas, and have some fun. The layout of the game is really enjoyable, because it promotes fast action, and you get to sit while you play. It’s very relaxing, and there’s no stress of rolling the dice in front of a bunch of angry players. It’s just you watching the cards that come out, and deciding to increase/decrease your don’t pass or don’t come odds. Even for the best counts, you’re not really justified in buying any No-4’s or No-10’s, but at times, the odds overcome the vig.

If you like advantage play, and can enjoy playing the Don’ts, read up on this game, and come on out. It’s not every day that a game is beatable by basic strategy.

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