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Royal Match @ Barona i-Table

Posted in blackjack sidebets by stephenhow on March 6, 2010

One of the nice features of the Shuffle Master i-Table is that they can change the odds of the bonus side-bets at any time. Yesterday, they increased the payout on the Royal from 50:1 to 75:1. The change showed up on the display, so I calculated the improvement.

For an n-deck shoe, the probability of hitting a Royal (KQs) is (4)(n^2)/C(52*n,2) and the probability of getting dealt suited cards is 4*C(n*13,2)/C(n*52,2).

Royal Match Bonus for 6-deck shoe @ Barona
Hand Frequency Payout Return
Royal Match (KQs) 0.29680935% 75:1 +0.222607
Suited 24.462033% 2:1 +0.489241
nothing 75.241158% -1:1 -0.752412
Total 100% -0.040564

The change from the 50:1 to the 75:1 payout on the Royal improved the return from -10.2% to -4.1%. So, it went from a sucker bet to a fun $1 bet you can place every hand.

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  1. vgMega said, on October 13, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Hey Stephen. I just visited Barona and they now have a Double-deck face up i-table with the same bonuses. Royal Match, Perfect Paris and Bet the Set. How would it being a double deck affect the odds and count of the game?

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